Hello. I’m a full-time graduate student at the UMN Humphrey School of Public Affairs, where I’ll be graduating in May 2018 with a Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree. I make my living as a nonprofit project manager and policy advocate, which I currently do at the nonprofit Ignite Afterschool, where I manage communications and policy research initiatives. I’m passionate about our mission – to advance policies that improve income and racial equity in the number of youth who have access to high-quality afterschool and summer enrichment programs.

My professional goal is to work for a public or nonprofit organization with a passionate advances policy solutions to improve people’s lives through advocacy, research, and/or government relations. Ideally, the organization should have a dedicated staff team, ambitious and high-impact projects, and solid supports and opportunities that enable employees’ professional growth and health.

I’m especially interested in policies that improve our educational system, promote equitable and sustainable economic development, and/or strengthen civil society institutions and liberties. However, I’m open-minded and endlessly curious about advancing solutions that actually work in the messy complexity of reality.

This site is my vehicle for wrestling with the big political and societal questions inherent in public policy. It’s also a space for my personal reflections on literature, running, rock climbing, music, current events, and any other interests I pick up along the way.



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