I am a graduate of the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a B.A. in Political Science, focusing on Comparative Policy and American Government. My intellectual interest in these topics guided me to internships in Senator Al Franken’s Washington, DC office and Three Faiths Forum (3FF), an intercultural and interfaith non-profit organization in London. I’ve also tutored student-athletes in Political Science courses at the McNamara Academic Center, and worked to prepare recent immigrants for the citizenship exam at the Jane Addams School for Democracy and Citizenship.

Taken together, my academic and professional experiences have taught me the utility of public policy for achieving societal goals – a utility only realized when an engaged citizenry and a responsive government cooperate. In my professional work and writing, I struggle with the balance between these actors, and seek to identify and advocate for policies that will bring us closer to realizing a more prosperous and just society. I take particular interest in educational, environmental, or social welfare policies. This blog is the conduit for that passion, and showcases my academic, professional, and personal work.


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