Legislators won’t touch the student debt problem until it’s too late

“It’s not just about providing people with information. It’s really about creating a system where student loans aren’t overemphasized.” This article points out precisely what is wrong with how we finance higher education. I’m sick of our representatives not wanting to take on the issue of massive student debt, so instead they push for legislation that will help students make informed financial choices about college.

I’m all for informed financial decisions, but when it comes to college, students will finance their education any way they can. The alternative of not attending shuts too many doors, so they’ll take out massive debts even if they know it will burden them for years. Legislators know this, but the real problems with student debt are too politically tricky, so they won’t tackle them. http://www.npr.org/2014/04/11/301439981/paying-off-student-loans-puts-a-dent-in-wallets-and-the-economy?ft=1&f=1013


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